The impact of good gym design and layout may be greater than you think. Along with brand awareness, the layout and design of your gym can build trust, collaboration, innovation, and a positive atmosphere. These are all important aspects of maintaining a steady customer base. Let us show you how.

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1. Appeasing Your Target Market

The target market relates to those people that you specifically want your business to target. Be it old or young, male or female, workout junkies or casual gym-goers, catering to your target market is the first step to maintaining your customer base. The good news is, we have you covered! Our fully certified team can gather together all the information that you will need to appease your specific target market. All you need to do is tell us where to start.

2. Layout

Having the proper facility layout can help you to maximize the effectiveness, productiveness, and overall operation of your facility. Let our team of experts guide you through it. We’ll measure your facility and create a plan that suits both your needs and that of your customers. Even if your facility is already set up, we can provide you with a fresh set of eyes to make sure all the bases are getting hit.

3. Application

Columbia Fitness has a fully certified team of technicians who will take care of you from floor to ceiling. Once a plan has been established, we can deliver and install your equipment, rubber flooring, mirrors, and audio/video systems to the design specifications.

4. In-house Design Team

It’s time for the finishing touches! Make your fitness or health facility stand out from all the others with a little help from our in-house design team. Our design team have you covered with unique vinyl signage and decals, marketing merchandise, and design concepts.

Now it’s time to fill your business with qualified individuals