The next step to hiring is establishing a plan of action for your trainers. It’s important to make your programs memorable to your members by having exciting programs taught by outstanding trainers. Columbia Fitness has over 15 years of experience hiring qualified trainers with a passion for what they do and the knowledge to match.

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1. Program Trends

There are hundreds of great programs from group fitness to live-streaming that all boast of being the best workout. However, the best programs for your specific member demographic may be completely different from the current top trend. Let us narrow it down for you with a selection of programs that will work for your current demographic.

2. Marketing Your Trainers

Personal and group training can be a huge revenue boost because of its ability to make workouts more fun and motivate your members to keep coming back for more. However, if your trainers aren’t getting proper marketing coverage, there’s no way for your current or potential members to know what they’re missing out on. We can help you out! Get exceptional advice on how to market your trainers from our experienced team of trainers and marketing specialists.

3. Who Is Buying / Profit Margins

Once you have established a team of trainers and programs with a plan of action for marketing, it’s also important to keep track and make sure your members are enticed both now and in the subsequent future. We can help you to understand how to balance the percentage of membership attendance and profit earned from your programs so that you will always have the upper hand.

4. Trainer Compensation

As mentioned previously, your trainers can make the difference between a boring environment and one that your members are excited to return to again and again. Let us show you how to best compensate your trainers so that they are always hitting their full potential.

The final step is marketing