Here at Columbia Fitness, we have an excellent team of marketing experts that can get you started and help you out with all your marketing needs. We’ll show you how to prepare for grand openings, appeal to your target market, and promote your business in the best way possible.

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The 6 Month Game Plan

When it comes to marketing, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a plan of attack. Let us get you started with a 6-month game plan to cover everything you’ll need from promotions to investment return.

1. Promotions & Lead Generation

Promoting your business through print or the web can help to increase the radius of your business’s coverage beyond the front door. This is one of your best opportunities to generate leads by gathering information about current and potential customers about their interests. Let us help you out by showing you some of the best approaches to promoting your business.

2. Tracking

The hard fact is, if you aren’t tracking your promotions, you’re wasting your time and money. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a website or put together an enticing flyer that caters directly to your demographic, but if you aren’t tracking the percentage of interest generated by each promotion, there’s no way of knowing how effective your promotions are. Our team is here to help you with this too. We can show you exactly what tools to use in order to track information as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

Return On Investment (ROI)

The ROI or Return on Investment is the most common profitability measurement that can help you to understand the overall performance of your business and promotions. We can help you to understand how the ROI works so that you have a better understanding of what profit you are making from your promotions.

3. Follow Up

Once you have enough interest, the next step is to follow up with those leads. We can show you how to use the information collected about your leads and provide enough incentive to create higher conversions and consequent promoters of your business.