Columbia Fitness is the only Native-owned fitness supply company in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to bring strength and wellness to our people by inspiring Indian tribes to lead healthy, happy lives. Rekindle the strength of our ancestors and break the cycle of diabetes and obesity.

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We are committed to providing quality and authenticity in all of our services. As part of our commitment, we want to offer you the following:

Owner Orien J. Fiander (O.J.) is an enrolled member of the Grand Ronde Tribe in Oregon and grew up on the Yakima reservation. He competed at the Division 1 collegiate level as a pole vaulter and currently operates a multi-million dollar company that expands over several states and employs over 100 people. He’s a devoted family man and he and his wife Carly have six children.

O.J. Fiander“There is a need to properly serve Indian country by setting up their facilities effectively and providing more than just dropping off equipment. I want to give back in terms of time and energy to my native family. The struggle is real – otherwise, we would all be in dynamite shape. So I launched a division of my company focused on providing that support – The Native Health Division. The plan is to find partnerships and provide the level of service that will help ensure sustainable programming and facilities.”

O.J. Fiander | CEO/Entrepreneur/Goal Setter/Dad of 6