With one of the highest poverty percentages in the U.S., American Indian Tribes face some of the worst economical limitations. It is our goal to help by providing Native Tribes with Tribal Government Pricing and new or used equipment that can fit any budget.

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Tribal Government Pricing

We want to establish an environment that Native Americans can thrive in without feeling cheated. One way to accomplish this is by providing you with special deals such as Tribal Government Pricing. What does this mean? It’s simple. Tribal Government Pricing allows us to reduce our prices so that we can provide you with a better deal overall.

Other Equipment Specials

Our products are based on market and population. We use advanced knowledge and expertise to develop a thought driven approach when selling our products to tribal citizens. Depending on your needs, we can determine exactly what equipment to sell in order to meet your budget but still provide you with the best equipment that we can offer.

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