Preventative Maintenance Service

When trying to reach your fitness goals, it helps tremendously to have a piece of gym equipment you can rely on. Here at Columbia Fitness we understand the importance of providing quality equipment repair and maintenance to keep you on track of your fitness journey.

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Whether it’s a home gym or a commercial facility you have invested good money into it and need to make sure everything is in the best working order, not to mention safe to use. Equipment takes a good beating during every workout so here are our tips to keeping everything in the best condition to keep you and/or your members engaged. Our full service Preventative Maintenance Services include:
Belts and Chains
Pulleys and Cables
Weight Stacks
Final Inspection

Due to each type of equipment requiring attention to different key components the time allocated for maintenance service may vary.

Equipment Repair

We offer repairs for both home fitness gyms and commercial gyms.


Need replacement parts? We can help with that. Fill out the Service Request form and we can get them ordered and even installed for you.

Assembly & Disassembly

Our team of professionals will make your assembly or disassembly easy!

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